About Me

My name is Michael Tran, and I am currently a St. Louis based actor. A recent graduate of Webster Conservatory with a BFA in Acting, I am grateful to have worked with St. Louis Shakespeare Festival, Opera Theatre of St. Louis, The MunyRepertory Theatre of St. Louis, Center of Creative Arts - COCA, Metro Theatre Company, and Hoosier Shakespeare Festival.

Coming from a household that spoke two languages and was very passionate about karaoke, I have always had an affinity for the beautiful complexity of language as well as the joy and love of music. Undoubtedly, this influenced my love of theatre. My interests range from classical text to contemporary works to musicals and operas. I am excited about new work created by diverse writers and creatives. I am passionate about collaborating with other individuals in creating engaging, innovative, and thought-provoking work.

Through my artistry, I hope to cultivate greater intersectional diversity in the performing arts sector, nurture growth within communities, find new ways to foster audience engagement, affect new change through innovative theatrical exploration, and to connect diverse, multi-generational audiences.


I believe in the beautymagic, and power of this art. 

I believe in being intellectually curious to find the deepest depth and humanity in the characters I portray. 

I believe in approaching the work with a sense of endless possibilities

I believe in being prepared. While also being prepared to adapt.  

My 'method' is simple... raw and authentic storytelling rooted in truth and simplicity.



I am proud to be the son of two hard-working Vietnamese immigrants and am grateful for the countless sacrifices they have made for me as well the influences they have had on my ideals and work ethic.


I am also filled to the brim with gratitude to have studied with some of the most knowledgeable, nurturing, and preeminent individuals within this field. These individuals have taught me an immense amount about this craft. Perhaps most importantly, they have taught me to specify, refine, and hone my individual process. This is not only to ensure that I have a successful career, but a sustaining one that will meet the demands of the 21st century industry.